4 Tips to Help You Find Your G-Spot!

4 Tips to Help You Find Your G-Spot!

4 Tips to Help You Find Your G-Spot!

In 1950 Dr. Ernst Grafenberg (the doctor, after whom the g-spot is named) described finding a surprisingly sensitive spot inside the vagina near the urethra. He made the process seem so foolproof. A medical article detailed his effortless demonstrations of the existence of this “distinct erotogenic zone” and the not-unexpected consequences of stimulating such a zone in his own patients. Anyone with a vagina could surely do the same for herself. Well, perhaps it was that easy for him. But outside his examining room, very few women who were able to find this place he referred to and earned it the title of the g-spot myth.

It was once just a theory with very little proof or research behind it. The g-spot is now taken seriously as an actual part of the female anatomy. This is due in no small part to recent advances in science and technology. More and more modern scientific studies are finding new and innovative ways to prove the existence of the g-spot.

Studies through the years have proved the existence of the g-spot; however, does every woman have a g-spot? That has been the question since it was first said to have been discovered.

In 2002, a team of Italian researchers making a detailed study of the pelvic regions of 14 women found surprising differences in anatomy. Only 12 of the women possessed erectile tissue (the nerve-infused sensitive stuff that makes up clitorises and penises) along the front inner wall of the vagina, where the g-spot is said to exist.
Only nine women had Skene glands made of tissue that would have become the prostate gland had the female embryo turned out to be a male.

Do you have a g-spot? The evidence, published in the Journal of Urology, hinted that only some women had them. How many women, however, is still unclear. The study was too small to make estimates.

Therefore, there may only be one way to find out if you do indeed have a g-spot. Experiment with different techniques to try locating that mysterious hidden place.

First: Start by gaining an understanding of where this place is. Experts advise women to explore the region about one to two inches along the front vaginal wall (the side closest to the belly, not the spine). Described as “an erotic zone” located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that will swell during sexual stimulation. Before you start stimulation of the g-spot, make sure you’re fully aroused. Stimulating the g-spot with hardly any foreplay may cause you physical discomfort, so it pays to make sure that you are fully aroused before targeting it.

Second: Relax and find a position that is comfortable. Whether you’re lying on your back in bed or in some other pose, it would help a lot if you relax and find a position that is comfortable for g-spot stimulation.

Third: Have plenty of lubrication. You may want to try stimulating the clitoris first before going for the g-spot. Once you feel yourself get wet, add lubrication as necessary and use either your finger or a sex toy to hit the g-spot. Remember that it is located about one to three inches up your vaginal wall. Once you are deep inside, make a come hither motion with your finger until you feel a spot which is similar in texture to the roof of your mouth.

Fourth: Unlike the clitoris which only needs light strokes, the g-spot needs a more direct, rhythmic stimulation. Make a tapping motion with your finger once you hit the g-spot, experiment with the rhythm and pace that you like best and keep the pressure going until you reach a g-spot orgasm.

Aside from using your fingers when stimulating the g-spot, you can also use a sex toy which is specifically meant for g-spot stimulation. When using a sex toy to stimulate your g-spot, make sure to use plenty of lubrication and keep your sex toys clean after each use.

After learning how to find you’re g-spot by yourself, you can use the knowledge of the type of g-spot stimulation that you like when you have sex with a partner so that you can have a more intense g-spot orgasm. Unlike the 50’s when the g spot was discovered there are now thousands of sex toys available to aid in g-spot stimulation.

Choosing the right toy can seem over whelming with the vast selection out there. Rabbit vibrators are designed with g-spot stimulation in mind as well as clitoral stimulation. I suggest searching for one that suits you with your partner. The search alone can be almost foreplay.

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