Ability And Effectiveness Of Mace Dog Pepper Spray!

Ability And Effectiveness Of Mace Dog Pepper Spray!

When you think of defending yourself, do you ever wonder what you would do if you were walking in your neighborhood and all of a sudden an aggressive dog starting running toward you? Would you be prepared? If not, hopefully, you have some good running shoes on. There is an easier way to handle such situations without getting injured. Mace pepper sprays are not just for humans. There are specific brands that are just for canines. If you are faced with an attack, one spray in the dog’s face is all it takes to stop him.

Each mace contains 0.75 fluid ounces of a solution based with pepper. You can get 10 one-second sprays with each mace weapon. To be sure the weapon will work in case you come in the situation where you need to use it, test the spray every few months. Practice your aim outside away from other people and animals. The aggressive animal will need to be sprayed in the face since the eyes, nose, and mouth can be easily affected. Once the animal is incapacitated you can quickly leave the area. It is not wise to stay around once the animal is controlled.

If you can avoid the situation before it happens, do so. Are there dogs in your area that are known to roam and cause havoc? Choose wisely before going for a jog. Always carry the mace around. If you encounter an aggressive dog that is distant from you, don’t egg it on by yelling at it or running away. This can confuse the dog and cause it to react. Try to stay still if it approaches. Let it sniff you, it may just walk away. People can usually read dogs actions very well. It may just be exploring the area. If the dog comes near and is ready to attack remember the spray you have and use it. If you cannot get to it fast enough, curl up in a ball.

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Dogs will bark, that is naturally what they do. It is not good to be afraid of every dog that you encounter. When you own mace dog pepper spray, you will have the ability and confidence to do your normal day routine, without worrying about a dog chasing and hurting you. Mace dog pepper spray is effective, safe, and humane. This spray is ideal for anyone who enjoys jogging, riding a bicycle, and taking walks. It is also handy for persons who work outdoors such as delivery men. Mace Dog Pepper Spray is shaped so when in a hurry, you will know exactly how to hold it. It is very lightweight and easy to carry. Anyone can afford to purchase it. Next time you go for a jog, make sure to have Mace Dog Pepper Spray along so instead of worrying if you are going to see the stray dog that hangs around the neighborhood, you will be able get your exercise and relieve stress instead of adding more for yourself!

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