Buying Christmas Gifts For Him!

Buying Christmas Gifts For Him!

Buying Christmas Gifts For Him!

Buying Christmas gifts for him can be time confusing and frustrating and buying online is often the easiest way. There are a number of advantages for utilising this growing shopping medium:

1.Often a few minutes on the web can give you Christmas gift ideas that you would otherwise need to spend hours looking through Shopping Centres for.
2.You can compare prices of competitors within a few clicks.
3.Generally pricing on the web is cheaper than retail outlets.
4.You can do all your shopping from the luxury of your own home without having to look for a carpark!
5.It saves you time.

Specifically, buying a gift for him can be difficult. Do you need to buy a gift for him that is practical, well priced, gift boxed and of a high quality?
Distino Of Melbourne’s silk ties and cufflinks are all magnificently presented in gift boxes creating the perfect gift for any male. From there, it’s just a matter of choosing the right colour to suit his personality and needs. Although it is stereotyped, following you will find a few tips to help you choose the perfect Distino silk tie gift set for him:

Where will he likely wear the tie?

Work – Go for something a little more conservative (Distino Silk Tie No.32 is a good example).

Formal Occasions – Visit the “Formal Collection” page within the Distino website and any tie set there should suit your needs. Distino No.24 is a modern, classy design and has proved very popular.

Social Outings – Be prepared to be bold whilst remembering that it is a gift. Distino No.57 is a perfect modern design which could be suited better to the younger generation.

What is his age group?

To late 20’s – Modern designs include the vertical striped ties, intricate designs (Distino No.67) and even obscure patterns (such as Distino No.70) can be popular. Modern pastel shades such as Distino No.35 are also very popular.

30’s to late 40’s – Fairly conservative designs should be your choice with this age group. We suggest Distino No.22 or No.55 as a ‘safe bet’ when it comes to buying a tie for the middle-aged man!

50’s + – Classical conservative designs such as Distino No.16 and No.1 are popular selections amongst this age group.

We hope the above guide has helped you with your tie selections. Regardless, all Distino silk tie box sets will be the perfect Christmas gift for any male for any occasion.

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