Flying to Singapore!

Flying to Singapore!

Flying to Singapore!

Singapore- a perfect destination for honeymoon couples, art lovers, business travelers and nature admirers. Singapore is a business hub, so it attracts a lot of business travelers across the world. June-August is the best seasons to visit Singapore from the tourist point of view. The climate conditions are mild. It is generally hot and humid throughout the year. The temperature neither drops below 20 nor goes beyond 35.So the pleasant weather conditions attract a large number tourists year round.

Singapore is home to Malay, Chinese, Indian and European people. Cultural Diversity is quite evident where people belonging to different races and religions live harmoniously with each other. The ancient streets of Chinatown, the Muslim ambience in the Arab Street and Mini India around the Seragoon Road, where can you find such a perfect blend of races. People belonging to different races have festivals which are significant to their religion, but irrespective of the religion, each festival is celebrated by all.

In Singapore, global variety of cuisines is available may it be Thai, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Italian, Spanish, French etc. You name any dish and they have it. Singapore is the appropriate stop for food lovers. We have covered climate, races, cuisines so far. Aren’t you eager about the language people use to communicate with each other. English is the common language that binds the multi-cultural society. Apart from this, the four official languages of Singapore are Malay, Tamil, Mandarin and English.

Chinese temples, mosques, Indian temples, Churches, Buddhist temples can be seen in Singapore and hence we can conclude that it is a religious tolerant country. So people who want to migrate abroad find it easy to settle in Singapore .

There are many tourist spots that you may be interested to know about. Jurong Bird park where nearly 8,000 birds can be seen belonging to 600 different species. The Night Safari is quite adventurous which you cannot afford to miss. The world renowned open zoo-The Singapore Zoo, where more than 2,000 animals are accommodated in lush green setting and landscaped enclosures. There is a special arena where children can interact with the animals and enjoy perfect playgrounds called The Children’s World. If you really wanna enjoy this, better spare one whole day. Another very exciting tourist spot is the Singapore Crocodilarium where more than 1,000 crocodiles can be seen closely. Its sounds quite scary but it’s very exciting. Other special attractions include The Insect and Butterfly Kingdom. At Singapore, you feel very close to nature. Besides making you feel close to nature, Singapore doesn’t disappoint the art and nature lovers as well. There are nearly 10 museums exhibiting the history, culture and heritage.

So far you have a rough idea of the climate, people, religion, culture, food delicacies and tourist spots of Singapore. Since there is no appropriate season for landing in Singapore, you may plan your trip as per your convenience.Moreover, Singapore is a place which is generally in demand, so many leading airlines keep introducing promotional offers or may be heavy discounts if you book more than two tickets.There are n number of offers available online,so you just have to spend some time surfing the net if you want to relish a economical but a ravishing trip.

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