How to Find and Buy Genuine Cuban Cigars!

How to Find and Buy Genuine Cuban Cigars!

How to Find and Buy Genuine Cuban Cigars – The number of cigar aficionados has been steadily increasing with cigar becoming chic once again. Many celebrities and social icons can be seen enjoying a stick of their favorite cigar in public gatherings adding to its ever-growing popularity. Cigars are made in many parts of the world but the most sought after types of cigars are Cuban cigars or Havana cigars as they are widely called. Authentic Cuban cigars undergo multiple sets of intricate processes during production, giving them a unique taste and aroma that won a large number of enthusiasts.

After production, Havana cigars are distributed to selected authorized dealers around the world. The remaining portion will be divided among local cigar shops which are mostly located in Havana. Though there is a large demand for Cuban cigar around the world, its availability is very limited especially in western countries where a significant percent of cigar aficionados belong. The inability of producers to meet the demands for Cuban cigars has urged opportunists to produce counterfeits which of course taste poorly compared to its authentic counterpart and are made of low-quality materials, degrading the name of genuine Cuban cigars. With a large number of fake Cuban cigars running around the market, there are certain things to take note of when looking for genuine Cuban cigars.

* Probably the safest way to buy genuine Cuban cigars is to travel to Havana where Cuba distributes most of its Habanos for local sale. Be wary however of locals that would approach and try to sell Havana cigars. Seeing how profitable the cigar business is, there are a number of locals that would sell fakes to foreigners at a cheaper price claiming that what they sell were stolen from cigar factories or other stories proving how genuine their goods are.

* Only buy cigars from well-established cigar store, a number of cigar shops in Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries are famous for selling genuine Cuban cigar and have a good reputation.

* If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. If you’re new to cigars, find out the market price for different classes of Cuban cigars, anything sold with a big reduction in price is most probably counterfeit.

* Examine the box, make sure it is tightly sealed and has a warranty seal marked on it. Avoid buying Havana cigars that come in boxes that appear to be damaged or tampered.

* If you’re allowed to open the box, examine the cigar by smelling it, genuine Cuban cigars have a very rich and strong aroma, and if you have a bit of experience with cigars you would easily identify which is genuine and which is counterfeit.

* If you’re planning to buy cigars online, examine the website first. Most well-established businesses would make sure that they have a formidable website set up for online customers. You may search for customer reviews about them as well.

Remember, however, displayed above are only general tips on how to avoid counterfeit Cuban cigars. Experience is the best teacher, once you get a hand of how cigar enthusiasts do their business, finding and buying genuine Cuban cigar will become easier. source:

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