Choose Your Own Style Class Ring!

Choose Your Own Style Class Ring!

Choose Your Own Style Class Ring! Class rings began as a tradition at West Point Military Academy in 1835, when students started wearing them to show their unity and as a remembrance of the time they spent at the Academy. Then students begin to wear rings to symbolize graduation from high school or college. Class rings are also a symbol of the university itself and of membership within the alumni community, a symbol of individual expression. Nowadays, class rings are even exchanged between students in order to show their commitment to each other.

As a matter of fact, in the past, some class rings are made like signet rings, a circlet bearing the school’s emblem or seal. Others have stones that students have chosen to match a birth stone or the school’s colors. All class rings typically bear the name or logo of the school on the bezel surrounding the stone. The only difference from year to year was the graduating year engraved on them.

As the time goes on, students have various ideas about class ring. Many of them like to personalize their class ring with their own ideas. Students who purchase class rings often do so as a remembrance of their time in school. These rings are cherished by their owners and are often passed down as heirlooms. Some boys even give it to their girlfriends in order to show how important their lovers are. Therefore, to choose an appropriate class ring has significant meaning.

Have you ever thought about purchasing a pearl ring as your class ring? Pearl stands for the everlasting commitment and also the price is reasonable and favorable. Taking pearl ring as class ring has began a new trend. There are various choices of class ring. However, generally speaking, the class ring is round.

We have very good resources on information for pearls. Look at this pearl ring. A flawless 9.0-10.0mm AAA black Tahitian with green overtone pearl is on the simple white gold band. Some shining and elegant zircons are on the two side of the pearl. Perfectly clear, no flaws, perfect symmetry, great sparkle and brilliance!!

Do you want to try something “non-traditional” or unique? This style totally shines your taste. The ring is 18k white gold with 0.40ct diamonds on the band. It is more than perfect. The ring is indestructible and completely different from the traditional style. It looks way more expensive than it is. You will get compliments on it all the time!

The best class ring should be made of gold, which is the outline of the ring. Under the light, it will attract many people’s attention because of its shine. And the other thing is that it cannot be so common as other ordinary rings. The class ring should have some special meaning to the owner. For example, there should be some symbols which stand for something meaningful or school name carved in the ring.

Class rings are so important because it is often viewed as a remembrance of our time in school. These rings are cherished by the owners and are even passed down as heirlooms. Choose a suitable class ring and treasure it for your whole life. source:

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